About the site: Lolipower has a wide variety of anime on their own dedicated server. The server speed is very good and it is all free. No registration required.  
Speed: 1000kb/s ~1500kb/s
Quality: The files are all high quality ( a lot of HD content), sizes ranging from 150 - 300mb.



About the site: They have a massive collection of anime. It's hard to find an anime that animestash does not have. They use free hosting sites, mostly Mediafire and IFile; which are very fast hosting sites with no download limit. It's practically as if they have their own server. No registration required.
Speed: 700kb/s ~ 1000kb/s
Quality: Animestash has good quality files, but they are mostly not HD quality. On the other hand the file sizes are mostly all below 100mb so they are very easy to download.



About the site: This site is part of Gendou Anime Music, so if you have an account there you can use it to log in. They offer over 1100 episodes of anime at the moment. It's very disorganized with no search engine, but basically the latest episodes are on the top pages and so on. It's a great website to go to for your latest anime episodes. They have a fast dedicated server.
Speed: 1000kb/s ~1500kb/s
Quality: They have high quality (mostly HD content) files, almost all of which are above 200mb.


Boontan anime

About the site: They have a pretty decent collection of around 40-50 titles on their dedicated server for free. All you have to do is register. If you donate they have a much larger collection of anime you should be able to download. I actually donated, but even after contacting them haven't received access to the donator's section, so I couldn't test it out :(.Not sure what happened, but their free download speeds are very fast.
Speed: 800kb/s~1100kb/s
Quality: All high quality (mostly HD) titles ranging in size from 200mb ~ 400mb.



About the site: They have a nice collection of anime exceeding 100 titles I believe. It's on their own server with very fast speeds the last time I checked. It goes down from time to time though (quite often).
Speed: 800kb/s~1000kb/s
Quality: All high quality files ranging in size from 150mb ~ 300mb.


National Anime

About the site: Right now National Anime mostly hosts just Bleach and Naruto for free. Nevertheless they are a great source for Bleach and Naruto with fast dedicated servers. For a donation of 5$/month they also offer a gigantic collection of anime on their dedicated server.
Speed: 1000kb/s
Quality: Very high quality anime (a lot of HD content). File sizes vary from 200mb to 450mb.

That's all for now folks, feel free to use the contact us link above to give us any more awesome sites you would like to see put up.